Tuesday 1 June 2021

The New Detectorists


  New detectorist. Baz   
Thugwit would like 
to compliment her
choice of footwear
John Howland on his blog recommends an article of which he says "my friend, Peter Tompa, a US Attorney, sent me this link which I’m sure you’ll find fascinating…Alexandra Marvar The New Detectorists As an old outdoor hobby draws new followers, metal detectors are sweeping the country New York Times, May 31, 2021". I suspect the two old guys were excited by leering at the pictures of a lady detectorist in her thirties from Nantucket without very much camo on, its certainly not the information content of this dreadful NYT text. 

Among the gems in this article that the two old guys are so enthusiastic about are:

In Britain, amateur treasure hunters have found so many artifacts this year, the British government agency in charge of protecting national archaeological heritage is being forced to expand its definition of “treasure.”
That old American problem (not foreign to Peter Tompa) of differentiating "Britain" from "England"...  
In Britain, digging, scraping or detecting without a permit is forbidden by law. (Happily, this doesn’t impede mudlarking: a surface-only treasure-hunting practice especially popular on the banks of the Thames.)
Wow. Ace researching there Ms Marvar. Actually, everything in that sentence is wrong. Legal ace Tompa should have spotted that. 

As for Ms Nantucket: 

Here we go! Off to find little lost pieces of history! I love this permission. I have spent more hours here than I can count and thus the treasures are now few and far between

Putting two and two together about resource depletion seems not to be as easy for her as choosing a pretty blouse. As for her skills in excavation and recording:

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