Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Donald Rumsfeld Dies

Former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one of the main architects of the Iraq war, has died. George Packer, 'How Rumsfeld Deserves to Be Remembered, America’s worst secretary of defense never expressed a quiver of regret' The Atlantic 30th June 2021.
Rumsfeld was the chief advocate of every disaster in the years after September 11. Wherever the United States government contemplated a wrong turn, Rumsfeld was there first with his hard smile—squinting, mocking the cautious, shoving his country deeper into a hole. [...] He believed in regime change but not in nation building, and he thought that a few tens of thousands of troops would be enough to win in Iraq. He thought that the quick overthrow of Saddam’s regime meant mission accomplished. He responded to the looting of Baghdad by saying “Freedom’s untidy,” as if the chaos was just a giddy display of democracy—as if it would not devastate Iraq and become America’s problem, too.
and later the rest of us.

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