Friday, 25 June 2021

Iraqi Security Forces Show off "Holy Book"

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region: Security forces arrest gang accused of stealing antique holy book 

The Iraqi Anti-Crime Directorate announced on Friday the arrest of a gang allegedly involved in stealing antiquities in Baghdad over the theft of a rare book from the Iraqi National Museum. The directorate said in a statement a force from the Baghdad Anti-Crime Directorate arrested four suspects for stealing an antique Jewish holy book written in Hebrew titled “The Star of David.” The gang was ambushed and caught red-handed after they were lured into trying to sell the book for the amount of one million US dollars, according to a statement from the ministry of interior.

It is difficult to see what they are exhibiting here. One notes in the fuzzy photo the golden coloured ink, the pictures portraying symbols and the generally dark brown colour... Did/does the Iraq Museum actually have a Jewish Culture gallery?  But it's nice to see the Iraqis looking after it so well now.  Maybe the Americans will send back the Jewish documents they took after their invasion

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