Monday, 3 March 2014

An Inadequate Response

Blogger, Calmgrove has posted a link to the text 'Metal detecting and a mess born of professional arrogance', adding the comment:

Heritage Action has an entirely justified campaign against irresponsible and unregulated metal-detecting on archaeological sites, both proven and potential. Here– sadly– is another example of the damage that is done to context and provenance and the often inadequate response of those who should be safeguarding the past for the present and future:
PAS Portable Antiquities Scheme
FLO Finds Liaison Officer
BM British Museum
Absolutely, and this professional arrogance is once again reflected in the current attempts of all three to keep quiet in the face of the public concerns expressed, hoping that by not engaging, the fuss will blow over and people will forget - until the next time. Strike one... Strike two...

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Anonymous said...

Well, regarding this specific issue, keeping quiet is not an option. The more these finders claim they didn't know there were many alternatives to digging it up the clearer it is made that the PAS website hadn't told them the right thing to do.

This so annoys me. It's the sucky-uppy policy without brakes and running riot. I intend to complain to DCMS et al if it isn't rectified very quickly. Taxpayers and stakeholders are people too.

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