Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sensible word on PAS and UK Artefact Hunters

Seen on the BAJR facebook page (author's name protected, we don't want any more people getting threats and abuse):
I have serious reservations about the current situation... PAS was a potentially good idea that has turned into a toothless, underfunded compromise and certainly needs looking at again and given a much bigger stick. It's why I favour the idea of licensing clubs giving the FLOs and County Arch[aeologist]s more control over who does what. [...] on the whole, FLOs do as good a job as they can considering the limitations and compromises that beset them. But the necessity of having to maintain a good relationship with MD clubs often seems to lead to them biting their tongues when they should be a tad more critical. If they had serious input into the licensing of clubs there would be more balance in the equation which would make their job easier".

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