Friday 16 December 2011

AIA "Wants to Suppress Antiquities Collecting"?

The alternative reality of the US coiney involves unthinking acceptance of certain creeds. One of them is that the dug-up buyers are a community which is victimised by the whole outside world, including the Establishment (Gubn'mint and the natural arch-enemy of all interested in the material aspects of "ancient history", the archaeologists). Time and time again the coiney mantra is chanted, the Archaeological Institute of America have a policy which is to "suppress private collection of antiquities". Those who are not swept up in this cult-like bleating and chanting might like to look again at an old post of mine on the actual contents of AIA policies on collecting. Quite a different picture emerges.

Of course the collecting community steadfastly maintains in the face of the evidence that these are not the "real" aims of the AIA, but a fogscreen to cover up the vast conspiracy which goes on behind the facade, the plottings of a shadowy group of Elders of Archaeon who are keeping their views out of the eye of public opinion, biding their time....

Perhaps the leaders of the ACCG might care to spend a bit of time explaining why their conspiracy theory should be treated seriously and not as just another coiney fiction... The actual evidence, not just some glib and foundationless "because I say it is" statement.

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