Tuesday 13 December 2011

Focus on the CCPIA: US Dealer Stubbornly Flogs a Dead Horse

In addition to his earlier suggestion that the 1970 UNESCO Convention is actually about something other than what its title and contents proclaim, "[offensive pejorative term deleted]" Dave Welsh " now adds to that his constatation that the "real purpose" of the 1983 Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act. This was, he assures collectors on Tim Haines' "Ancient Artifacts" discussion group not actually to implement the 1970 Convention the US had just become a state party of, but instead:
to protect the interests of collectors and the trade from zealots such as [Barford] and Kouroupas [ Maria Kouroupas, a Department of State official].
I suppose it could be said that keeping illicitly exported and illicitly traded articles off the US market does indeed protect the interests of the American collector, but I am equally sure that this is not what Dealer Dave had in mind. He assures collectors who are too lazy to think it through for themselves that what I wrote earlier is "utter bosh" and therefore there is no need to "inflict a detaioled refutation of each upon the longsuffering reader" which is a mercy I am sure they are thankful for. I stand by what I have written and it is all there for anyone who wishes to analyse the coin dealer's counter-arguments and attempts to insert further misunderstanding into the argument. His approach seems to me to be a good illustration of the adage that "there is nothing worse than flogging a dead horse except also trying to ride it".

Keep your eyes on the public comments on the Cyprus MOU renewal on the Regulations.Gov website, I am sure we will see more of this clownishness from the US dugup dealing and collecting communities before 3rd January.

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