Wednesday 14 December 2011

Focus on the CCPIA: Where do these coins Blong (sic)?

Thomas Albert, reckons that restricting the import into the US market of coins that lack documentation of lawful export is "insane" (coins circulated in the past, don't ya' know) "I do not think - looking at his analogies - that he has quite grasped what the MOU is about
The logic used in this MOU is flawed and smells of corruption and greed of the few. The question is, who is getting paid off? The agency with political favors? Individuals standing to profit in the future? Or is it an effort to limit the desemination of knowledge, so over time people forget a little more of the real history because a few will totally control the content and distribution of whatever they deem as valued knowledge? We went to war with England to gain our liberty, freedom and our rights to know and grow as a nation. In one fell swoop, you have laid waste to those very ideals. There is no honor in destroying that which birthed you.
and I thought they went to war in effect to avoid paying King George their taxes. It turns out they went to war so their descendants can bring shame on their nation by standing up for their rights to continue collecting smuggled coins from other countries. Pathetic.

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