Saturday 24 December 2011

Zahi Hawass Breaks his Silence

The last time Zahi Hawass blogged on his blog was 15th August, but he has just broken his silence with a post to which I will link for the moment without comment: I think it is quite significant.


kyri said...

hawass sounds like a mouthpiece for the egyption government.
i have seen at least 5 interviews of people[protesters] involved and not one of them knew it was a of them said "we love our history,why should we want to destroy it.
the military had soldiers on the roof throwing stones down onto the protesters and than the protesters retaliated with petrol bombs.i ask myself,why the military chose this building,to attack the protesters in the first place?i think there is more than meets the eye in all this.

Paul Barford said...

Hawass is no longer IN the government.

the soldiers were using the roof of the building because it is near the Shura building which was the focus of the protests on that day (as it has been in previous months too).

I wonder how many other buildings called "Institute of something or other" the crowds also "do not know there is a library inside"? If there had been just offices inside and no books, would they have considered it fair game to lob petrol bombs at it?

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