Tuesday 6 December 2011

"Stealth" Attachment for Garrett Ace Metal Detectors, for the "Hard of hearing" only no Doubt.

Even if you are stone deaf, ebay seller dodger1954 has a spiffing gadget which will allow you to go out metal detecting. The "Stealth Device" (sic) flashes a LED instead of activating that annoying (and attention-grabbing) loudspeaker. Also good for going out at night when you don't want people to know you are there. The flashing red light though might be a giveaway.

You Tube film by 5 may 2010.


Hidden History said...

Your infringing the copyright of that video by hosting it, so i've just added it to my ever increasing file I now have on you,as it would be nice to have a prison sentence along with the fine.

Have a nice day

Paul Barford said...

That will be the homophobic Steve Taylor then.

Is that your YouTube video Steve? Are you "IvanTheTerrific" (at what?) too? There is no copyright infringement here or anywhere else. Please go and play your games elsewhere. [I am not taking any more comments here from this intentionally annoying pseudonymous account].

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