Thursday 1 December 2011

BBC on the Twinstead Theft

The BBC has picked up the story ("Coins disappear at Twinstead metal-detecting event" 1st December 2011) its rather an oddity - no quote from the PAS as is usual in articles about "metal detecting". Quotes from the police instead:
Enthusiasts using metal-detecting equipment dug up about 200 coins, thought to be worth about £350 each, at a site in Twinstead on Sunday. But only two of the coins were handed in to be declared as treasure trove to the county coroner, police said. Essex Police are appealing for anyone who knows about the missing haul, worth about £70,000, to contact them.
I think when the BBC picks up the story it shows this is not a matter of concern for just a few isolated ("radical" sic) archaeobloggers.

UPDATE 2/12/2011: Coins handed in after plea over Twinstead metal detecting Thirty of the stolen coins have now been turned in -
a further eight people came forward on Friday but a lot of the sovereigns are still missing. It is believed that one person left with about 70 coins, the spokesman said. Police have appealed for anyone with the remaining coins to come forward.
Are the ("law abiding" no doubt) detectorists who say they saw the guy with 70 stolen coins unable to name him? Or are they simply unwilling to?

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