Tuesday 27 December 2011

Whatever Happened to.... John Lund?

Readers might remember the case of John Lund from Utah who was reportedly arrestedin May this year as a result of investigations by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and Israeli customs officials as he attempted to leave Israel:
with ancient coins, lamps and scores of checks totaling $20,000. The IAA claims Lund obtained the money by illegally offering ancient artifacts for sale to tourists. After paying a $7,500 bond, Lund was allowed to leave Israel, although he will have to return to face charges later this year for illegally offering ancient artifacts for sale. If convicted, Lund could face up to three years in prison in Israel for illegally offering ancient antiquities for sale.
I covered this case here Utah Man Denies Antiquity Smuggling Accusation and here Israel Accuses U.S. Man of Antiquities Trafficking, also here: Shekels, Shekels, get yer Shekels Here! while I tried - unsuccessfully to get some help working out just what it was he was selling (my thought was that maybe not all of these goods had been acquired in Israel): Coineys- What's This, Please? Sadly the coineys did not want to help a fellow collector in need by venturing the information. Neither did any US "Collectors' Rights" organization offer any help (ACCG Lund Defence Fund) which is really shabby.

The internet is silent on whether a date of a hearing has been set, whether Dr Lund has returned to Israel to face his accusers and clear his name, or whether he has made much progress on that book.

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