Monday 26 December 2011

Focus on the CCPIA: The Sorry Coiney Spectacle Blunders on...

The evening of 27th Dec, six days before the closing of comments, there were just "65 Items in the Docket Folder", sixty three naysaying coin collectors from a community of - the ACCG estimates - 50 000 and an overall US population of 313 million. Still, I am sure the coineys will see this as "overwhelming public support" for the idea of relaxing import restrictions on items without documentation of lawful export from the source country. So 49000 ancient coin collectors do not feel strongly enough that they should for some reason be exempt from the purchase only of lawfully exported items that they are writing alongside the militant few.

It strikes me from what they write that supporters of the ACCG might find some resonance in this song by Theo Hakola (posted on You Tube by ninonne) which touches on some themes apparently dear to the heart of this particular milieu.

[yes, I realise its supposed to be ironic]

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