Thursday 22 December 2011

Lost and Looking for CCPIA: Duh

Coin dealer Ken Martins ("Museum Surplus", Laguna Niguel, CA 92607) is looking for information that might affect his trade: Dear List, Can anyone recommend a site that has links to text of the MOUs and any legal opinions? Members had a bit of a struggle with that one, but in the end Ed Snible came up with (where else for a coiney to look, eh?): Peter Tompa's blog has links and legal opinions. Greek, Italy, I couldn't find the text of the Cyprus MOU but here is Peter Tompa on the signing statement. The rest of us might turn to the US State Department (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs) webpage on 'International Cultural Property Protection' where (duh) there is a whole section on the MOUs and their background (they have bits of it in Spanish too). There tucked away where the coineys would never think of looking is a table setting out all the texts of the bilateral agreements and their associated designated lists: There Mr Martins will find the Cyprus documentation which Ed Snible could not find on Tompa's blog. I would not be a bit surprised to find Paul Barford gives the links too, but of course no coiney would ever think to look over here for anything. As I say, the information needed to write an informed comment to the CPAC is just a mouse-click away, I guess some people have difficulty identifying where they need to click the mouse and need someone to guide their hand.

What I find puzzling is that Mr Martins has been trading in antiquities under the name "Museum" since at least Feb 1998 and apparently in all that time he has never needed to access the text of documents associated with the operation of the CCPIA and and only now is asking for help to look for them...

Vignette: Martins are migratory birds with tiny heads, but they can work out for themselves where to go.

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