Tuesday 6 December 2011

Coin Dealer writes of "An Infinity of Ways to Evade Detection in Crossing These Borders Bringing Artifacts into the USA"

Dugup Dealer Dave reckons ("Smuggling" 5th Dec 2011) that there is "appalling ignorance" about collecting in general and coin collecting on this blog and sets out to educate us:
It is a ridiculous bit of folly to imagine that when the US Government cannot prevent millions of illegal aliens and thousands of tons of illegal drugs from crossing that border almost without risk, that disguised packages of valuable small portable antiquities would conceivably be detected. A Border Control agent would have no idea what they were. Coins, for example, could be carried in one's pockets and jewelry could be worn. There is an infinity of ways to evade detection in crossing these borders bringing artifacts into the USA.
Perhaps now we see why US coin collectors are so of the idea of making coins into jewellery, it makes them easier to smuggle.

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