Monday 27 February 2012

AIAD and a Copious Crop of Pa Miw Shabtis

The Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD) is an "association of dealers in antiquities (including fine art, coins, metallic and ceramic objects) whose aim is to promote responsible antiquities dealing and to provide a support network and means of exchanging relevant information about fakes, forgeries, fraudulent misrepresentation and stolen goods with a view to identifying such items offered for sale and notifying the appropriate authorities".

Is that so? So why is an AIAD dealer currently selling a whole bunch of Pa-Miw ("Wenneb") shabtis? Has any new information surfaced then about their legal export from Egypt since I wrote about them here and several reputable dealers removed them from their lists and sent them back to their "London" supplier? Is the London dealer now offering them regardless, and now claiming two separate provenances for two groups he dates separately that mysterious supplier?

Vignette: Brett Hammond, AIAD Chairman. Link

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