Thursday 16 February 2012

Bangor Gives up on Discussion, Goes Pagan

Almost daily somebody from Bangor, probably one or more of his "Heritage studies" students, has been logging on to see if Prof Karl is going to comment on my January discussion of his ideas about why the PAS is superior to preservation. It seems that - though persistent - they've given up and instead now looking at some other stuff on here (good for you), including finding something I'd forgotten about mentioning. One of my other research interests is the Slavs and I've been toying with the idea of writing something commercially on Slavic neo-paganism, instead of getting on with what I am supposed to be researching about them. Here's a video I came across related to this and mentioned briefly earlier and the Bangor folk apparently looked up - so I thought I'd share the link ("...and Heritage Issues"). I think it's cheating though that she's not singing in Old Slavic... but maybe that'd not go with the electric guitars.

Probably more fun than discussing the PAS... I think she is putting a curse on foreign collectors who dig up and buy and sell the things buried with and by the ancestors... (There is a big thing about the unquiet spirits of the dead in Slavic mythology, definitely something to use against collectors.)


Dorothy King said...

I've seen your work referenced in articles on some of the unusual burials in Central Europe - the ones sometimes called "Vampires" ... and wouldn't mind reading more about those if that fits in with your writing idea (just my two cents worth). Best wishes, etc D

Paul Barford said...

yes, that's the sort of thing, though I find the naked young lady spirits that lured young men to a watery death equally fascinating :>)

Never seen one myself.

Dorothy King said...

I was going to say "one can only hope" ... but think that might come across the wrong way.

All those 'deviant' burials are fascinating - the deformed Hun skulls too. There is for sure a market for a book on that sort of thing.

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