Tuesday 14 February 2012

WW2 Museum Damaged in Greek Rioting?

Samarkeolog on the Conflict Archaeology blog has made an informative compilation of the rioting in Greece that took place recently as a response to the austerity measures precipitated by the current economic crisis ('Record of unprecedented damage and destruction in protests, riots in Greece, 12th February 2012'). There was earlier a suggestion that a museum (former Gestapo prison) in Athens had been damaged, but this later was disproven. This is important in the context of some collectors' lobbyists claiming - though without citing precise sources - that some "repatriated" antiquities may have been damaged in the rioting. Nothing of the sort has however so far been reported. Another straw man argument from the collectors' lobbyists.

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samarkeolog said...

Thankfully, the War Museum was not torched. Some thugs (possibly police-linked agents provocateurs, but equally possibly imbecilic anarchists) tried to burn down the Numismatic Museum, but failed.

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