Tuesday, 14 February 2012

WW2 Museum Damaged in Greek Rioting?

Samarkeolog on the Conflict Archaeology blog has made an informative compilation of the rioting in Greece that took place recently as a response to the austerity measures precipitated by the current economic crisis ('Record of unprecedented damage and destruction in protests, riots in Greece, 12th February 2012'). There was earlier a suggestion that a museum (former Gestapo prison) in Athens had been damaged, but this later was disproven. This is important in the context of some collectors' lobbyists claiming - though without citing precise sources - that some "repatriated" antiquities may have been damaged in the rioting. Nothing of the sort has however so far been reported. Another straw man argument from the collectors' lobbyists.

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samarkeolog said...

Thankfully, the War Museum was not torched. Some thugs (possibly police-linked agents provocateurs, but equally possibly imbecilic anarchists) tried to burn down the Numismatic Museum, but failed.

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