Sunday 26 February 2012

Lueke: Shoot Artefact Hunters

ACCG Collector with conviction Jorg Lueke is suggests his own solution to the mining of archaeological sites for collectables for sale on the global markets:
Rather than ineffectual import restrictions and inane blogs it seems to me the best solution is rather quite simple: Have those countries ban metal detecting. Why not embrace the authoritarian approach and create a solution matching the philosophy of the state. After the first few detectorists are shot looting will quickly cease.
and the ACCG have the nerve to call Preservationists "radical". Potts want to educate the Darkies, Lueke wants to see them being shot if caught with a spade in their hands. We want market country collectors to stop buying stolen artefacts and blood antiquities.

There seems a disturbing subcurrent of violence in US coin collecting, Dealer Dave wanted to see State Department officials hung by the mob "strung up from the lampposts along Constitution Avenue" (he has since deleted that post), Lueke wants to see authoritarian regimes executing artefact hunters, collector Pastor Scott has a big gun and 'shoots to kill' and (if home at the time) will blow out the brains of anyone who comes near his accumulation of ancient coins. And, "inane" a collector may consider blogging on the issues to be, but all we want to see is market country collectors stop buying stolen artefacts and blood antiquities.

See also: Potts: "We have to support better policing of the sites", says the new Getty Museum Director. What does he have in mind?

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