Tuesday 14 February 2012

Most Moronic Archaeological-Partner Quote of the Month

I believe that to get a job in the PAS you have to do an induction course on speaking trite nonsense to the press. The Suffolk FLO probably passed with flying colours. Talking about the discovery on farmland by two of those awfully nice chaps with metal detectors (a father and son) of some late fourth century Roman coins - immensely uncommon in the county - near Mildenhall, Suffolk, Dr Andrew Brown, Suffolk County Council's finds recording officer, said:
"It does suggest that there were relatively high status people living there during Roman times [...] They were probably deposited in the ground at around the date of the latest coins, or possibly a little later [...]"
and they have pictures on them too, so we can see what people looked like... There's some brilliant archaeological outreach for yer. Dr Brown might have talked about why some of the siliquae were smaller than the rest - but if he did it never made it to the papers.

BBC, 'Suffolk Roman gold and silver coins declared treasure', 14 February 2012.

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