Sunday 26 February 2012

Petition to Stop US TV Company Popularising Looting of American History Sites

There is now a petition to pull the "American Digger" show:

For Ric Savage, see here, there is an interesting interview (Photo by Wikipedia).

Of course this is going to make it more difficult for US collectors (of the coiney ilk) to point fingers at foreign countries who cannot stop the looting of sites in their territory, when they not only condone it in their own land, but also put a promotional message on television.

I assume the ACCG, the Task Force on Metal Detectorists' Rights and other "collectors' rights" organizations in the US will be making their position clear in the next few days. My guess is that their position is just going to be to ignore the wider context within which their collecting activities take place . Head in the sand - as always.

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