Tuesday 21 February 2012

Greece Releases Images of Artifacts Stolen From Olympic Museum

Greece released on Feb. 20 (3 days after the robbery) images and descriptions of the 77 (it now turns out) artefacts stolen from the museum of ancient Olympia, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia after two armed and hooded men tied up the guard and robbed the museum in southern Greece.
Artifacts taken in the heist include a gold ring that was used as a seal and had a Mycenean bull-leaping scene engraved on it, 13 ceramic lanterns, a vase from Rhodes used to store olive oil, 11 bronze wheels and more than 30 ceramic and copper animal statuettes, according to images released in a joint e-mailed statement from the Athens-based Culture Ministry and the Citizen Protection Ministry.
The link is here. Lots of horseys and wheels, and lamps for the trade.

Natalie Weeks, 'Greece Releases Images of Artifacts Stolen From Olympic Museum', Bloomburg 20.02.12

Vignette; Armed raid, not in Greece

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