Friday 10 February 2012

Metal Detectors for Sale, Legal and Undocumented.

As of 7th February, a bloke in Minneapolis is advertising the following:
Metal Detectors for Sale, Legal and Undocumented.

For sale, good-as-new Minelab GPX 4500 metal detectors. These are top of the range machines with a retail price of 4500 pounds. This is the best metal detector around for silver and gold, it detects things other machines cannot detect. You can get further information about this machine on the following site:

We are able to offer 300 pre-owned examples that have freshly come on the market at a special discount price. These machines are priced to clear, only $1800 (plus shipping). These detectors are as good-as-new and come in their original boxes (the boxes are not all in pristine condition, some have corner-bumping and scuffing probably caused during unloading or storage). There is however no paperwork accompanying any of these items (who would keep the paperwork from the purchase of something as common as a metal detector?). The machines were previously the property of English collectors and have been well-looked after with no traces of previous use, though they have had their serial numbers removed by the previous owners who want to retain anonymity. First come, first served.
Contact: "Reputable Ron" Thugwit, coins, prospecting, detector supplies and guns, 2011 Roguez Ave, Minneapolis MN 55403, USA. 612-567-8901, Website.
See also here and reflect on the no-questions-asked trading of anything.

Vignette: "Legal (honest!)" but undocumented objects are obtained by various means - how to differentiate WITHOUT the documentation?

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