Monday 20 February 2012

Ignorance is Like a Flower in Coineyland

Mr "I-Know-More-About-Archaeology-than-the-Archaeologists" Hooker is pleased to have attracted some attention by his rambling name-dropping anti-preservationist waffle. He now refers on Moneta-L to my comments on his recent post there about the intellectual flaws of archaeobloggers. Like a fresh-faced sibilant schoolboy he finds much to giggle about in my response:
Hi all, For a little light humor: I am reminded of one of those children's puzzles: "can you spot the mistakes in this picture". It is also full of all sorts of academese illiteracy. Please, though -- don't give away the answers. Ignorance is like a delicate flower: touch it and the bloom is lost. It serves us well. Cheers, John
No, don't try to give away the answers, we might ask Mr Hooker himself to point these "mistakes" out, then he'd be really floundering. Still Hooker has a point, their ignorance does indeed serve the ACCG/Moneta-L coiney community well; without hiding behind it, they'd have some serious thinking to do.

Vignette: ignorance, the flower that flourishes particularly well on Coiney soil

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