Friday 24 February 2012

Police Detain Olympia Museum Raid Suspect

Sam Hardy (Samarkeolog) has been following the Olympia Museum raid stories and indicates on the Conflict Archaeology blog ('
Police detain suspect for Olympia museum robbery') that Kathimerini has just reported that Greek police have ‘detained’ a ‘foreign national’ on suspicion of involvement in the armed robbery of the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games. He is thought to have been a member of a group that raided jewellery shops in the area and is also suspected of participation in two other recent other armed robberies, one in Olympia, one in Krestena. In these (as in the Museum), the perpetrators used sledgehammers to break into showcases. There too they "threatened passers-by, shot into the air with Kalashnikovs to intimidate people and managed to escape by minor roads, which they knew in every detail". It seems that the seven minutes security video which records the raid allowed police to identify one of the masked indiiduals shown. It seems that if this person faces charges, there is forensic evidence which will aid a conviction, it seems that while waiting for the guard to come to work the robbers ate cheese pies and drank coffee by a stream below the site and DNA evidence may be obtained from the cups and packaging, there were also reportedly fingerprints on duct tape used in the robbery. Anyway, let us wait and see whether Greek police will press charges, or release the suspect.

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