Tuesday 21 February 2012

Archaeological Looting in Syria

Hama Antiquities Directorate has reported that clandestine excavations, random digging and looting of archaeological artefacts and the theft of mosaics at the archaeological site of the city of Apamia. The Head of the Apamia Antiquities Department, Abdul Qader Farzat, said that the stolen things included an important mosaic depiction of waterwheels. Farzat said that the archeological sites which have been attacked are Kherbet Um Keibat and other sites in Zayzoun, Qastoun, Tar al-Ola, Qanas and Tamak.

Source: R. Raslan/ al-Ibrahim (I think that is author and translator), 'Secret Excavations, Random Digging and Steal Operations of Archeological Findings Revealed in Hama', Syrian Arab news agency Feb 20, 2012.


Larry Rothfield said...

Paul, could you check the link to the article -- it is not working.

Paul Barford said...

Sorry, blogger has been doing something odd with links recently, fixed now, thanks

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