Monday 6 February 2012

PAS (Again) Not Too Quick Off the Mark...

This is odd. I posted this story nearly two weeks ago and it was old news then. The BM (I assume PAS) read my post that same day and revisited the page at least once (26th Jan). But only on 1st Feb did their website carry a request for help from portable antiquity collectors in tracing any coins that may appear on the market ("Appeal for information on theft of Anglo-Saxon coins"). The PAS website should, surely, be "UK portable antiquity central", but once again we see it dragging along behind all the rest. Not terribly satisfying for something in which the British public has already invested over thirteen million quid in, is it?

Maybe they need a guest blogger or two keeping the British public up to date with the ins and outs of the portable antiquity collecting debate and rounding out the somewhat one-sided picture of "finders" with metal detectors their webpage currently projects. Or maybe they just need an Education Officer (1970 UNESCO Convention Art 10[b]).

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