Monday 7 May 2012

Glass Beads and Copper Pans for the Natives to Keep them Friendly

From an enquiring reader:
Dear Mr B, can you help? It's been nearly 3 years, but now the link is dead. Any news on this? 
I think the problem is that the ACCG do not see their website as anything worth bothering about, so the text about ACCG handouts which you were seeking is now moved to another corner of the Internet:
 ACCG to Assist Museums in England and Wales 
but indeed, let us hear just how many artefact hunted and dug up ancient artefacts have been saved for British museums due to the public-spirited foreign-aid programme of US dealers in and collectors of metal detected and dugup ancient artefacts. Perhaps they are listed in a different corner of the ACCG website?

How much has this scheme raised, how much has it paid out, and where is the rest of the money?

Meanwhile in that same period of three years, (and this is a question to the PAS) how many hundreds of thousand pounds have artefact hunters in England, and Wales (not to mention Scotland) made out of selling back to the British public that which is their heritage anyway? How much is Britain's collector-friendly legislation costing the man in the street? Can we have a straight answer to that question? Anyone care to ask their MP, how much and why? I think that is a question that deserves an answer.

UPDATE 11.05.12: There seems to have been some information added at the bottom of the ACCG page that as I recall was not there before. To be clearer, I was suggesting public transparency was in order rather than an email to which individuals can address questions. How much has this scheme raised, how much has it paid out, and where is the rest of the money? Seems quite a simple question, why the secrecy?

Vignette: US cash handouts for British collectors

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