Thursday 10 May 2012

"Monety Expo Warsaw 2012"

In the first weekend of September 2012 dealers are planning to hold "Monety Expo Warsaw", one of the biggest numismatic fairs in Eastern Europe, the first of what it hopes will be an annual event. Obviously some of the dealers want to expand the market even further into eastern Europe. While there are no problems with doing this for stamps (print as many as you like) and modern commemorative coins [which are what collectors in Poland mostly go for these days it seems], obviously when we are talking about expanding the market in dugup ancient and medieval coins, there are. The computer-translated blurb in "Coin Weekly" says of this event:
More than a pure coin show, Monety Expo Warsaw has a potential of becoming the annual rendezvous point for numismatics: professionals and hobbyists. Poland, which has been situated historically between the East and the West seems like a perfect place for this kind of event. For all said, this Numismatic and Philatelic event will be the very first of its sector in Poland to serve eastern and western public, combining modern exhibiting area, international standards and innovative suggestions for the concerned field. If expectations are high, Monety Expo Warsaw will not be a disillusion.  More information on the fair is available here.
It makes it sound wonderful, but the exhibition hall is in an old industrial estate surrounded by derelict buildings and warehouses (and has limited parking).  I expect I and a few colleagues will drop in and see what they are up to and what they are offering for sale. Let us see who else we can persuade to give the foreign dealers' stock the once-over...

UPDATE 01.09.12
Actually, since it was the first one, I decided to scout it out myself to see whether there were going to be any problems and what they were. Though there were several issues, it was not as bad as I was fearing.

Vignette: ExpoXXI

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