Thursday 10 May 2012

Metal Detecting Under the Microscope: the Finds Box

Metal detectorist Rossi announces his happiness on getting "A new metal detecting finds box".
my local council was nice enough to provide me with a brand new finds box. i am very pleased
mixd finds 001.JPG
mixd finds 002.JPG 
For those who do not recognize it, it is a Council rubbish bin, which has dozens of discarded unidentified bits of historical evidence in it.


vw man said...

Great idea, im going to do that myself. thanks fot the idea. xx

Paul Barford said...

Well, I think it fair to assume that we are dealing here with a metal detectorist (look at the name of his two blogs).

Here we see quite clearly that these people could not give a tinkers what the rest of us think about their hobby. "It's legal innit?", so we can all take a hike. No concern about the image of the hobby, no concern about the fact that others are worried about the scale of damage and lost information caused. No concern for the fact that damage IS being done and knowledge being lost - potentially now on a massive scale. This is through irresponsible artefact hunting and collecting.

It seems to me that Mr VW-Man is laughing and thumbing his nose at the preservationists as well as the real stakeholders, the general public. In doing so, he is siding with the irresponsible metal detectorist and seems mightily proud of it.

Paul Barford said...

So, fourteen million pounds on PAS outreach well spent then, after a decade and a half we still find UK metal detectorists coming onto public forums to laugh about throwing finds away.

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