Tuesday 15 May 2012

Ka Nefer Nefer: Swiss Investigations?

Switzerland has a cultural property MOU with Egypt. Geneva resident Suzi Jelinek was the last recorded owner of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask before she sold it to the Aboutaam family, she is central to the SLAM case. She is said to have obtained the mask from a "Kaloterna"collection - how and when did this object enter Switzerland? Has Ms Jelinek been involved in the sale of any other ancient Egyptian antiquities for example? Evidence seems to exist that the mask was stolen from a museum storeroom, is there anything else in the  Jelinek collection of doubtful origins?  Given the controversy attached to the passage of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask through the hands of collectors and dealers, I think it would be very lax of the Swiss authorities not to follow this up and see where the trail leads. Or is the Swiss declaration to Egypt not really worth the paper it is written on?


Dorothy King said...

My experience of the Swiss Embassy in London is that nine times out of ten what they tell me turns out not to be true - so I doubt they care about this ...

Paul Barford said...

Ah, but I am more interested in the Swiss in Swisterland, what is their signature on a piece of paper worth? The family with the answers to this whole mystery is right under their noses. Why have the Americans not asked them to do a bit of international co-operation?

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