Wednesday 9 May 2012

Howard Carter Celebrated in Google Doodle

The latest Google doodle, a colourful graphic depicting the British archaeologist Howard Carter admiring an array of ancient Egyptian treasures has been produced to celebrate his birthday (Howard Carter Celebrated in Google Doodle). 
Carter, who was born on 9 May 1874 in London, originally trained as an artist and was sent to Egypt at the age of 17 to assist in the excavation and recording of ancient Egyptian tombs. He was appointed as the first chief inspector of the Egyptian Antiquities Service (EAS) in 1899 and supervised a number of excavations at Thebes, now known as Luxor, before he was transferred in 1904 to the Inspectorate of Lower Egypt. He was employed from 1907 by Lord Carnarvon to supervise his Egyptian excavations but came under pressure to make a major breakthrough after what the aristocrat regarded as a series of disappointing results. It came in November 1922, when Carter wrote in his pocket diary: "Discovered tomb under tomb of Ramsses VI investigated same & found seals intact." The rest, as they say, is history.

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