Thursday 31 May 2012

Who do the British Museum Think They Are Fooling?

I've just posted up  (as an update to another post) the link to the British Museum's Dan Pett grinning away as he discusses the "barriers"  to Portable Antiquities Scheme doing whatever it is they think they are doing. Readers may remember that as an archaeologist I was disgusted by the message the slide show contained. But it's mysteriously not in the video. What is in the video is this: 
"The biggest problem for me is the internet troll, they sit under bridges [inaudible/ + comment from audience]. We used to have a forum... wasn't very big... 600 members ... 17000 comments, [..]a[..]'s got a huge impact on staff time moderating the stuff"
It seems to me listening to it several times that there is good reason to think that the presentation has had a piece removed at the indistinct sound at 878s. What do you think? This is precisely the bit that corresponds to the statement on the slide that this forum (ie part of the PAS "archaeological outreach") was "derailed by aggressive ARCHAEOLOGICAL postings from several members". BM's Pett mentions one other point on the slide before digressing to "Nepal", but this presentation omits the bit where he says anything about the "trolls" of the presentation's title, unless it is that "trolls sit under bridges". Is that the railway bridge on the branch line to "Liaisonville"?

If this presentation really has been censored, that is twistiness. It would mean that once again certain topics are being avoided by the PAS. Instead of admitting and discussing further what was said at a public meeting by a member of the PAS staff about PAS "outreach", the supporters of the PAS would be trying to pretend that these words had never been uttered.  

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