Sunday 6 May 2012

Artefact Hunter Trapped by Boulder

A man from Lawrence described as an "amateur archaeologist" had to be rescued after he was trapped in a hole at Baldpate Mountain park in Hopewell, New Jersey. A boulder fell on his leg while he was excavating for artefacts in a remote location of the park. He was trapped for about three hours before being flown by helicopter to a local hospital.
Robert J. Goss, 56, and his friend, Ralph E. Mundy, 63, were out for a hike at the Baldpate Mountain park in Hopewell when they saw a pair of old buildings around noon and decided to check them out. “We came walking through the woods, and I wish we would have made a right,” Mundy said. “Then we never would have seen it.” What attracted the men was a shallow hole, about 4 feet deep, near one of the buildings that had a large stone in a side wall. Goss would be trapped in the hole for the next five hours.
Well, of course stealing objects from a county park is a crime in the US. The rock knew it, Mr Goss had to learn the hard way. Now if his friend could learn how to use the Third Conditional when speaking to newspaper reporters, and reporters the difference between archaeologists and not-archaeologists, we'd all be happy.

 Joshua Rosenau, 'Man trapped by fallen boulder as he sought artifacts at a county park', Times of Trenton, May 06, 2012

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