Wednesday 2 May 2012

US Museum Thief Sentenced

US coineys are always stressing museum thefts when they happen in the countries which are the sources of the dugup stuff they covet. They are not so alacritous about referring to problems in their own museums. Wyatt Yeager, 33, was from January through March 2007 the collections manager at the American Numismatic Association Money Museum in Colorado Springs, CO. Subsequently he was charged with stealing coins from the collection. According to
Yeager embezzled more than $492,205 in rare coins from the ANA’s Money Museum and sold these items in auctions in Baltimore in May 2007, St. Louis in June 2007 and Melbourne, Australia, in July 2007. [...] Yeager embezzled an additional $492,535 in rare coins and sold them in an auction in Germany. [...] The theft was discovered by museum officials in October 2007 and was the subject of an extensive FBI investigation after museum staff confirmed the missing items.
"In January Yeager entered a guilty plea "to one count of Theft of Major Artwork, a violation of Title 18, United States, Section 668". The sentence was imposed April 26th in Federal District Court in Wilmington, DE by Judge Leonard P. Stark. Yeager got just 27 months in federal prison (three days for each coin), two years supervised release and ordered to pay $948,505 in restitution for the theft of approximately 300 historically significant coins and objects.

Source: 'Wyatt Yeager Sentenced to 27 months in ANA Museum Theft', Coin News 26th April 2012.
Vignette: will coiney Yeager have such a self-satisfied smirk when he's served his time?

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