Saturday 12 May 2012

Looting in Esna and Aswan

Hamza Hendawi of the Associated Press ('In Egypt turmoil, thieves hunt pharaonic treasures', 12th May 2012) reports just two cases of looting of archaeological sites discovered in recent weeks:
Last month, police arrested two men who lived just behind the temple of Khnum in the southern town of Esna for illegally digging under their homes. Police said they found a 10-meter (10-yard) deep hole under the houses with hieroglyphic inscriptions dating to the Ptolemaic dynasty as well as ancient clay pots.Farther south in the Nile-side city of Aswan, police last month arrested a government employee who also dug under his house, uncovering clay pots, an incense urn and tablets bearing images of lotus flowers.
He also states (for what it is worth) that the tunnel that collapsed killing many looters was near Nag Hamadi as reported here, though other bloggers cited different locations at the time.

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