Thursday 31 May 2012

Welsh cave art site Vandalised

An ancient cave in Wales is set to receive greater protection from heritage body Cadw after vandals destroyed part of the  Palaeolithic cave art it contains in what has been described as a 'mindless attack'. "The site's importance means its exact location is a closely guarded secret, but protection work is set to commence to preserve what is left".
Archeologist Karl-James Langford called for better protection of such sites. He said: "No effort has been made to present the work to the public, or even to protect it. Here in Wales, we make very little effort to protect much of our past, when there is a large amount of money available to protect it elsewhere in Great Britain. On a visit only last week with one of my students, we examined the cave, and found various amounts of rubbish in it, and the Palaeolithic cave art discovered two-and-a-half years ago of a reindeer has been smeared over with mud." 
'Stronger protection to Welsh cave art site after vandalism', Wales Online 25 May 2012

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