Sunday 20 May 2012

Italy Busts eBay Looted Artefacts Ring

I am not sure if this is a repeat of an older news item, it is dated May 18th:
'Italian police on Friday said they were investigating 70 people for trading thousands of looted archaeological artefacts including ancient coins and vases on Internet auction site eBay. The investigation began when the police found an eBay announcement in 2009 and they tracked down a father and son team of tomb raiders in a village in Calabria in southern Italy who had dug up Byzantine, Greek and Roman burials. Police said in a statement they had seized 16,344 artefacts including bronze and silver coins, rings and ceramic vases, as well as 10 metal detectors'.
AFP, 'Italy busts eBay looted artefacts ring' DesiWireFeed May 18, 2012.

UPDATE: (See the comments) a reader has kindly sent the following link: Piero Russo, 'Reperti dell'epoca Daunia messi in vendita su eBay' La Repubblica (Bari) 17th May 2012.

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lalbertson said...

Its recent. See local edition here:

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