Thursday 18 July 2013

100% Transparency Upfront

Building on the suggestion from within the trade about the need for transparency about the origins of artefacts and the circumstances by which they arrived on the market, perhaps the trade associations should step in and introduce a simple measure.

What would be useful is for antiquity sellers to be required by their trade associations (on pain of expulsion maybe) to append a simple comment to precede the account given of the previous collecting history:
"The following information constitutes 100% of the verified collecting and commercial history of this object known at the time of advertisement for sale"
That brings home to the potential buyer the importance attached by that ethical seller to the issue of verification of collecting and commercial (export licences etc.) history as a means of establishing the legitimacy of items they add to their stock. It also will highlight the effort put by that particular dealer into obtaining items with suitably long collecting and commercial histories to make them legitimate. Obviously the buyer can then decide whether the scant details offered are enough to satisfy them that the object came on the market legitimately and in a proper manner.


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