Monday 22 July 2013

Well, Not Really a Matter of Such Great Concern

Readers may remember the "petition" got together by a group of antiquity dealers intended to hound one of their number. By the middle of March 2013 they'd got 93 collectors and other dealers to sign. Today, the number is barely over a hundred - and includes one archaeologist (!):
Name not displayed, Japan # 104 (using the petition as springboard/advert for accusation of a shipwreck salvor)  
Mr. Matthew Orkisz, MI Jun 26, 15:26 # 103
Name not displayed, NY  May 28, 13:39 # 102 ("I worked there. FAKE!!!")
Mr. Richard Nable, GA May 04, 20:03 # 101
Mr. Tom Baker, NY Apr 04, 15:17  # 100
Drs. Maarten Kersten (Egyptologist/archaeologist), Netherlands Apr 04, 10:11 # 99 ("As an egyptologist/archaeologist I hate the hardly discernable fakes as fraud! Not the cheep tourist fakes of which villagers indeed are dependent. But not only the "chique" fraud is immoral ! Here in Holland we have currently a huge discussion on a famous kind of "Antques Roadhow" on tv, in which showing of and so encouraging trading in illegally imported genuine antiquities is to be condemned" - so is signing a dealers' petition, logical?).
The one that takes the biscuit however is the bloke who used to work with a dealer who he is now calling a fake seller. Duh, if you work with him, and know you are handling fakes Mr 'Name not displayed' and did not report him at the time, you are an accessory to a crime. Not exactly a person the US authorities should be heeding.

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