Tuesday 30 July 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: The Profits to be Made from Commercial Metal Detecting Rallies"

On an anti-archaeological metal detecting blog near you:
"why not drop a line to your local National Farmers Union office and explain the about the profits to be made  from metal detecting rallies which the CBA is cunningly steering farmers away from [?]. Tell them too about the runaway success of the Portable Antiquities Scheme"
It probably would be expecting too much for the semi-literate kneejerkers to actually see what the concern is.  The BBC programme which certain artefact hunters found so offensive was about "farming's role as custodian of the past, as we explore the balance between growing crops and preserving the archaeology which lies beneath them". An entirely laudable topic to be discussing with farmers, as I am sure any truly responsible artefact hunting partner of archaeology would admit.

It is interesting to note that artefact hunting PAS-"partners" see conservation as something farmers do only when paid (from RU funds for the most part) to do it, and if someone comes along willing to pay them not to do it, they will willingly give up their land to rape and pilfer by strangers.

The National Farmers Union is for, or against conservation?

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Anonymous said...

"The National Farmers Union is for, or against conservation?"

Well, they take the archaeologists' view that detecting rallies are damaging and that rallies, if any, should be run in accordance with official guidelines. Very few ever were and possibly none now are so we can say the NFU considers nearly all (and perhaps all) detecting rallies damaging.

How detectorists who run or attend rallies - or PAS employees - square that with their consciences goodness knows.

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