Friday 26 July 2013

How's the report on the Montgomery Hoard Coming Along?

Two years ago today I put a post up here on the Montgomery Hoard, found by a metal detectorist: "Another Tekkie Finds More Old Coins in a Pot - Whoopee". I made a few archaeological comments and for my pains received a most unusual communication from a Mysterious Welshman calling himself Gruffydd. Maybe he or somebody would like to tell us how the report on the hoard is coming along, when will we be able to study the die links of the coins in this assemblage through the medium of the monographic publication? When will that be out please? After all, what is this Treasure Act for if it is not to facilitate full documentation and publication of the hundreds of hoards and other important finds hoiked out of the archaeological record of England and Wales by Treasure hunters with metal detectors?

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