Thursday 18 July 2013

UK's Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Foreign Coin Dealers

Daniel Pett ‏@portableant writes:
And so will Nomisma Numismatics whose advert currently appears on the Flickr webpage right next to the Portable Antiquities Scheme's images (alternating with those of Heritage Auctions of Tarby infamy). Is this "Archaeological outreach", "community archaeology" or participation in the commercial despoilation of the common heritage? Hosting for is provided by the The American Numismatic Society.


Cultural Property Observer said...

The advertisement relates to Flikr's tracking of visitors to this site rather than to PAS or ANS.

I'd note another archaeological blogger who ran ad space for awhile had advertisements about meeting Eastern European women running next to his site.

Coineys in comparison are boring, no?

Paul Barford said...

Personally, being married to one, I can highly recommend meeting Eastern European women.

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