Saturday 13 July 2013

America and Egypt's Looters: Where Lies the Truth?

I note that the US archaeologists working on El Hibeh have not retracted their false claims about what Google Earth shows about the chronology of the looting of the site (see Thursday, 24 January 2013, 'El-Hibeh and the Truth').  The original post with its boldly false claim is still up. This takes on a new significance with claims about what the US has been up to in Egypt recently and to what ends.  Shame on you Berkley.
UPDATE 14th July 2013:
For the other side of this argument on foreign funding, see here.  The White House is keeping quiet, but US commentators wish in their name to put a different spin on the facts - but then is that not exactly what we see in the El Hibeh archaeological team's selective treatment of the satellite photos?

Vignette: Carol Redmount

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