Friday 5 July 2013

The AGACC "Keeping the Hobby Clean" Award

The American Guild of Ancient Coin Collectors has instituted an annual award for the US collector of ancient coins who has done the most to help responsible dealers keep the hobby clean in the preceding calendar year. It is primarily intended as a recognition of the responsible behaviour and high moral character of collectors who report to the relevant trade and law enforcement authorities the surfacing on the US market of looted, smuggled or stolen items in such a way that it leads to charges being brought against those involved in dodgy dealings. The winner will receive a sizeable cash award (from funds donated by the US Responsible Antiquities Dealers' Association) and a wall-plaque which he is encouraged to display alongside any elements of his collection that he will be exhibiting at coin clubs and shows. The award also entitles the collector to wear the AGACC lapel badge with a red background (instead of the normal blue), so dealers can see immediately they walk into the shop who they are dealing with. Only collectors are eligible for the Award; the Guild already has a comparable recognition of 'Due Dilligence Excellence' awarded by the Guild's collector members to dealers excelling in supplying coins with properly documented collecting histories (this year the plaque was not awarded).

Guild spokesperson Jayne Moralsales stressed that this "Keeping the Hobby Clean" Award was a logical extension of the Guild's policies on legal and responsible collecting: "we encourage our members to exercise appropriate caution when buying ancient coins from any source", she said, "and to report any suspicious-looking activity so that it can be fully investigated". She stressed that the function of the Guild was to foster an environment in which the general public can acquire and hold any numismatic item of historical interest regardless of date or place of origin in confidence that the material can be shown to have arrived on the market in compliance with all applicable laws (domestic and at the point of origin) and standards of ethics and morals. 

Nominations for the 2013 "Keeping the Hobby Clean" award should be sent to Jayne Moralsales here

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