Monday 22 July 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "How to Save the heritage From Nighthawk Scum"

UK Detecting Rallies "Open" Weekend dig, August Bank holiday 3 day event (Arrive on Friday 23rd after 2pm, detect 24th, 25th 26th, leave on 27th 10am).  [Apostrophes as in original]
500 acres in Thaxted, Essex. CM6 3QF. We will be camping on a stubble field. There will be Dealers, Toilets, Snack Wagon, water supply, we have the Barn with a bar next to the camp site and possibly a live band (awaiting conformation) [sic] Shops, Pubs/restaurants & B&B's in the nearby village. Weekend Pre booked Fee's £30 for 3 days  Or Pre Book £10 per day if you require a one or two day ticket please state which day/days. [...]Or: pay on the day £15 per day.
Another one based in Luton. What however is more significant (except for the absence of a mention of sufficient pre-arranged PAS attendance) is this:
We have been on this farm before and had some fantastic finds from Celtic, Roman, Saxon to Medieval. This farmer told me that every 7 years he ploughs the fields as deep as he can go, This year he is making an exception and has agreed to do it one year early for our weekend rally.
Deliberately Ploughing up the Past for Profit? So, should the PAS be attending? Remember when they said that they were "rescuing the stuff from the (supposedly) hostile ploughsoil? What hypocrisy then to deliberately seek to get artefacts from the layers below the active ploughsoil into that environment so they can hoik out some of them and cart them off? And what about the artefacts brought up from those previously undisturbed layers and now in the active ploughsoil because the artefact hunters requested it, and then are not "rescued" during the weekend commercial artefact hunting grabfest? Is there a commitment from members to go back there afterwards with their GPSs to recover them too before they "deteriorate"? Will they be paying the farmer too?  Where will the record be deposited?

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