Thursday 18 July 2013

Moneta-L Dying?

I was amused to see the latest figures for the number of posts on the US based coiney collectors forum Moneta-L. Pretty dire for a group that a few years ago carried four to five hundred posts a month:
2013  Jan 116,  Feb 119, Mar 90, Apr 47, May 61, Jun 100,
July(so far)45.
Frankly, good riddance.  Discussion there has tended in the past to be dominated by several nasty (and/or ACCG- related) dealer characters, who have been at pains to keep certain topics off the forum. The sort of topics that might be uncomfortable for no-questions-asked trade and related issues....

Maybe its demise will create room for an ancient coin discussion list focussing more on the ethical side of collecting and responsibility for the fate of a common heritage and information source to replace the delusional self-centred (and largely American exceptionalist) views promoted by the current list. Or is that too much to expect of the current generation of coineys shaped in such an atmosphere?

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