Saturday 6 July 2013

Athens Antiquities Bust at the Flisvou Marina

A 53-year-old man has been arrested in Greece after police found rare objects dating from the Neolithic period in his possession. In a planned operation, police moved in to arrest the man at a carpark at the Flisvou marina, in the southern Athens suburb of Paleo Faliro (ANA-MPA, 'Man arrested in carpark in major antiquities bust' EnetEnglish 4 July 2013). Among the antiquities found in the man's possession were 616 ancient artefacts dating from the Neolithic period and 840 ancient coins, mainly from the Hellenistic period. It is alleged that the man sought to sell these items for €600,000. Investigations are continuing and in a search of a man's house, in the city of Larisa in Thessaly (orange square on map) police found and seized 391 additional coins from various eras and two Roman-era medals. The man will be brought before an Athens prosecutor.

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