Sunday 14 July 2013

Guarding the Sites: Electronically

Peter Tompa from Washington blithely commented on my post "Guarding The Sites...":
You should get into the 21st century. Now, surveillance technology is increasingly cheap. Your guard scenario is out of date. Perhaps, archaeology undergraduates can monitor sites remotely for credit.
Perhaps he envisages Robocops trundling across the field to arrest them.  Washington knows all about "surveillance technology" doesn't it? Here's an old map illustrating the "World's top surveillance societies", it seems some desire to spread the black zone even further.

2007 map by Privacy International, a UK privacy group,
and the U.S.-based Electronic Privacy Information Center
So, how well would electronic surveillance of sites and antiquity dealers actually work to curb looting and smuggling? 

Kim Zetter, 'World’s Top Surveillance Societies — Updated with link', Wired 12.31.07

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