Wednesday 24 July 2013

North American Coiney with Neo-Nazi Sympathies

The sister of a New Brunswick man who left everything he owned to an American neo-Nazi group has obtained an injunction to keep the estate from leaving the province Monday.
 The estate is worth almost $250,000 and contains a vast collection of ancient coins, some of them gold [...] When Harry Robert McCorkill died in 2004 in his late 60s, he left his estate to the National Alliance, a U.S. white supremacist group [...]   The antique coins and reference books alone are worth an estimated $55,710. One coin, worth $4,500 according to an appraiser’s estimate, dates from when the Carthaginian general Hannibal occupied northern Italy.
Perhaps imported from Munich? We recall the discussion a few weeks ago with some US collectors who want to keep their hands on Nazi documentation from Europe.  Where do these American Neo-Nazis come from?

Eric Andrew-Gee, 'Injunction stops New Brunswick man’s legacy of hate from leaving to U.S. neo-Nazi group',  The Star (Canada) Tue Jul 23 2013

 Neo-Nazi organisation to accept million-dollar silver collection Ancient Roman Coin Blog.

Vignette: Reportedly an NA rally. 


Cultural Property Observer said...

And Himmler was a great supporter of archaeology. As were Mussolini and Saddam Hussein. Does that make archaeologists as a group supporters of fascism or its Iraqi equivalent? It would seem to by the logic you are pushing here, but I would beg to differ.

Paul Barford said...

Wait a sec. The title says "A coiney". "A" as in "one".

What is the "Iraqi equivalent of fascism"?

Why are there Neo-Nazis in America of all places?

Cultural Property Observer said...

I guess the same reason there are Neo-Nazis in Germany (by another name of course), Eastern Europe and Russia.

Baathism is the Iraqi equivalent. If you do some research, you should see that it grew out of a movement associated with a 1941 coup supported and influenced by Nazi Germany.

kyri said...

the sad fact paul is that there are neo-nazis everywhere.there is no doubt that this particular coin collector was a nazi,he was a member and supporter of his local nazi party but im sure that he was a one off minority of us coin collectors,infact ive not heard of another.

Paul Barford said...

Really? So when the USA was friends with Saddam you were dealing with NAZIS? Is that why you want to collect all those WW2 German documents like Rosenberg's diary?

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